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For NHS Organisations

Locum's Nest helps NHS Organisations to reach thousands of doctors on our network and maximise their internal fill rates to over 90%

For Doctors

It’s effectively a tool that we’ve built to empower doctors to work flexibly and to avoid those constant phone calls, emails, messages, bleeps and allow them to choose when, where and how they work.

See how the platform works

The Locum's Nest platform works seamlessly to help NHS Organisations and their clinicians provide excellent and affordable patient care 


Deloitte: Time to care

Securing a future for the
Hospital workforce in the UK



NHS Employers

Learn how a fully digital collaborative bank benefits participating hospitals with Locum's Nest - designed to help trusts through the effective deployment of existing staff


BMC Health Services Research

Read a peer-reviewed academic research article published in BMC Health Services Research about Locum's Nest and its impact in one of our partner NHS Trusts


The Doctors have spoken
and they want an app

Could this simple, but effective, quality improvement project (QIP) be replicated
at your hospital?


King's College London

Is innovative workforce planning software the solution to the NHS cost and staffing crisis? An exploration of the locum industry


Health investor UK

Dr Ahmed Shahrabani relates how Locum’s Nest, the app he Co-founded with Dr Nicholas Andreou, is saving the NHS thousands of pounds in staffing costs