We offer a one-stop solution

Our platform has been called 'Match.com for doctors', and for good reason.
You can push vacant shifts to all the doctors on our native app. If the shift matches their availability, they can press the button and apply. We link to your Staff Bank, the doctor's CV and experience so you can make an informed decision whether they are a good match for that particular shift.

On the day of the shift, an electronic time-sheet can be issued straight from the app leaving a crystal clear audit trail.


Designed for modern NHS Institutions


Reach out to your own doctors

Post shifts to your entire staff bank 24/7 and forget the days of last-minute panic


Grow your audience

Get a chance to participate in or set up a local collaborative staff bank. With our in-app time-sheets this couldn't be easier


Boost safety

Be in absolute control of who you employ with a 100% trustworthy and automated experience log


Save millions

We are abolishing hourly commission fees and
re-investing a portion of what we earn to help you optimise workforce planning 

Locum’s Nest has made covering the shifts so much easier and the doctors are much more proactive about picking them up.
— Jodie Burnett, Deputy Service Manager Surgery

Local collaboration taken to the next level

Has your Trust or STP toyed with the idea of joining or creating
a collaborative Staff Bank? Our technology overcomes many of the commonly encountered hurdles and can multiply your pool of available staff instantly.

Find out how Ashford & St Peter's and the Royal Surrey County hospitals have
formed the first truly virtual Collaborative Staff Bank at no extra cost.


A truly ethical provider

We pride ourselves in being strong advocates for the NHS and the staff that make it such a wonderful place to work in.

After all, the Locum's Nest app is developed by doctors for the NHS

We know the pressure is on

Medical locum spend has recently been in the spotlight with the media, hospital executives, the government and NHS bodies all weighing in. The NHS spends around £3billion a year on temporary medical and nursing staff with at least £350m spent on agency commission fees. 


Launching is as easy as 1-2-3

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Book a demo

We would be more than happy to explain how Locum's Nest works in more detail and even come to your Trust to give you a live demonstration of the platform.

It is at this stage where we'll also begin to understand how your Trust deals with vacant shifts and what specific areas you'd like to see improve.

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We can be up and running in 2 weeks

Within days you can have a launch plan bespoke to your Trust. We will provide all consultancy work and any process
re-engineering free of charge.

This includes on-site training and helping doctors join your staff bank at not extra cost.


Benefit from true clinical empathy

We provide on going assistance
and support on-site by a dedicated team including clinicians who deeply understand the intricacies of rota planning