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Locum’s Nest is the app that connects doctors to locum work in healthcare organisations, whilst cutting out the inefficient, ineffective and expensive agency middleman


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Increase your fill rates to over 95%

and achieve 100% attendance rates for doctors booking shifts through the app. 

-as seen in all our partner organisations


Save over £2.6m in your first 10 months

by significantly reducing your reliance on agencies and taking back control of your Staff Bank.

- as seen at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Increase your Staff Bank Size by 500%

by recruiting and retaining doctors who regularly do shifts at your organisation.

- as seen at The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust which has access to more than 2000 doctors

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"We have found it very easy to use, it is popular with GPs, made filling shifts far easier and has put us in a much more favourable position to take on other work as a federation"

- Dr Caroline Baker, GP Partner and CEO of NICS Federation

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With the right tools you can achieve anything

The Human Resources Team at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was awarded the prestigious Healthcare People Management Association's (HPMA) BMJ Careers Award for Working Smarter for their impressive work in digitising their Staff Bank and successfully reducing their agency spend

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Form a Collaborative Bank in just 2 months

We have launched the NHS’ first digital collaborative bank for doctors. 

Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Hampshire Hospitals and Salisbury Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts have now united to form ‘The South England Collaborative’.

Over 2000 doctors are now able to cross-cover at all involved organisations, dramatically reducing the reliance on agencies and significantly improving continuity of care for their patients.

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Step 1 - Book a free savings assessment

Book a meeting with us for a free industry-grade analysis of your agency spend and of potential savings. We would be more than happy to also give you a no-obligations live demonstration of the platform.


Step 2 - We can be up and running in 2 weeks

Within days you can have your bespoke launch plan. We will provide all consultancy work and any required process re-engineering free of charge.

This includes on-site training, locum recruitment campaigns, including social media.


Step 3 - Benefit from face-to-face ongoing support

Our dedicated support team which includes clinicians (who deeply understand the intricacies of rota planning) will be on-site to provide ongoing support at no extra cost 

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