How does the new Junior Dr contract affect my locum work?


With the advent of the new junior doctor contract in August of this year there comes a fair amount of change, including how we can locum.

We all do at least the odd shift of locum work (we all need to get away to Marbella, right?) and so it is important to know where you stand with regards to the new contract.  These are the key points you need to know about to stay on the right side of J. Hunt (if you want to that is…).

  • When you decide to have the spare time to be able to locum you must first offer these additional hours to the NHS via an ‘NHS Staff Bank’.  This can be wherever you would like, not necessarily your own hospital.  This is a clause in the contract.

    • By booking shifts via the app you are already doing this!  We are currently working with 7 NHS trusts with more on the way.  This gives you easy access to shifts around you, close to home, near somewhere nice for a weekend away (Salisbury Cathedral looks lovely in the autumn) or maybe just the hospital you work in?

  • The doctor must inform their employer or host organisation of their intention to undertake additional hours of locum work.

    • When you have completed shifts through Locum’s Nest at other hospitals then your host hospital can see that you have done shifts elsewhere and hence you have informed them.  Easy, right?

  • The implementation of this rule will differ from area to area, for example how to offer your additional hours to the staff bank and what time frame you should expect a response as to whether there is an appropriate shift available for you

  • If you are offered a shift and you are not happy with the level of pay you can negotiate or decline but you cannot decline and then apply for a shift at the same time through an agency to receive more pay

    • The shifts on Locum’s Nest are posted by the hospitals themselves and they set the rates.  This, as well as all details of the shift, are in a clear, concise format for you to explore.  

  • If the NHS staff bank can’t offer you work that is appropriate to your skills and grade then you are released from the clause

  • If you are offered work for only part of the time that you are available then you can either accept the time offered and you will then be released from the clause for the rest of the time or you can, of course, decline.  Similar to above, if you decline you cannot then accept a shift through an agency for the same time

  • This clause is limited to work at your current grade and competencies.  If the NHS staff bank can’t offer work at your grade and skill-set then you are released from the clause

    • Use our filters to find jobs that match your skills or maybe to filter out the respiratory jobs because you can’t stand sputum…

  • Your total hours must be a maximum average of 48 hours per week, or 56 hours per week if you have opted out of the working time regulations

    • Keep a track of your hours by looking at your completed shifts and shifts to come in the ‘My Shifts’ section of the app

    • Remember that opting out of the WTD is your choice, even if you receive the form to complete, you are not obliged to do so.

So, a few more hoops to jump through if you are part of the new Junior Doctor’s contract but with Locum’s Nest we make it as easy as possible for you, and will strive to make it even easier in the future!


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Jason Peart