This months Golden Owl is...


Deborah Simao is the ICU specialty manager at Royal Surrey Hospital. She’s had a lot of success using Locum’s nest, with more than 90% of vacant shifts in the department being filled
via the app.

When she started her role in March this year, Deborah found it quite stressful constantly being on the back foot, and having to chase doctors to fill vacant shifts.

“Locum’s Nest was a godsend” she says. Deborah advises anyone new to the platform, or considering using it to “have an open mind. I asked questions. The team is very approachable and get back to me in minutes. I find it easy to use”.

Not only has Deborah had a great result for her department by using Locum’s Nest, she’s also helped to develop the platform for our users, other managers like her. Using the great feedback she’s given our team, we’ve updated the web app to include features that Deborah suggested, making the platform even more simple and user friendly.

Thank you Deborah for your hard work!

Jason Peart