Golden Owl Award

We often forget, to thank the ordinary, every-day heroes who work tirelessly day in and day out, fighting to keep the NHS running a 24-hour service. 

In an effort to acknowledge the hard work put in by NHS staff, we are delighted to introduce our Golden Owl of the Month award series. 

This month, we’d like to thank Jayne Reynolds Lloyd and Melissa Edwards. Little is known about the army of rota managers that make sure the wards, theatres and A&E departments are adequately staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without them to plan and coordinate shifts, hospitals would grind to a halt.

Jayne and Melissa, both medicine specialty managers, have been working hard behind the scenes to help make sure the wards are safely covered with doctors. As doctors, it is easy to underestimate the complexity of the task, but planning and looking after an ever-changing rota is not easy. Jayne and Melissa, have been doing an incredible job for years!

We admire their willingness to innovate and their determination to make a positive impact in the NHS – it is a well-known fact that both Melissa and Jayne are regularly looking after the rota, even from home, out-of-hours, to help ensure the safety of our wards.

Jayne and Melissa, thank you. We, the doctors, the patients and the NHS need you.

Nicholas Andreou