Flu Jab – Why bother?

Flu Jab.png

It’s that time of year again. Yep, that’s right, the time of year where most of us have managed to avoid the occupational health team trying to give us our flu jab as we don’t want it/can’t be
bothered. This year I thought I’d look into the vaccination in a bit more detail….

  1. In the over 65s there is a higher morbidity and mortality involved if you catch the flu, including a higher chance of complications like pneumonia.
  2. One of the main aims is to reduce the spread of the disease and with us as medics having daily contact with the over 65s who are often already ill, we need to do our bit!
  3. Uptake in the over 65s is 70-75% - do we ever think to counsel patients in depth about taking up the vaccine?
  4. Even when the over 65s take up their vaccine, their immune response is reduced, making the vaccine less effective. All the more reason for those around them to stop the spread.
  5. Each vaccination (in most cases) may only cover 3 different strains of the virus but this also induces ‘cross-protection’ to other similar strains.
  7. With staffing strains on the NHS being high already – the chance to stop yourself having to take time off because of flu is worth it, no?
  8. Whilst you are remaining fit and well – why not take up the opportunity for a few extra shifts? It’s getting easier and easier to book and manage your locum life through Locum’s Nest!

Inspired? Go and track down and hassle your occupational health team for a jab in the arm, reverse
the roles! Either that or book in with you GP. Hoot, hoot!

Jason Peart