Dr Owlbert is at your service



One of our top users?  Like the VIP treatment and exclusive access? Read on about our new Concierge Service.

As a locum himself, our Clinical Lead Dr Ben Herring knows that managing the administrative side of locum work can be time consuming. With that in mind, he has set up our new Concierge Service to provide more personalised and fast-track assistance for our frequent users. Based on his own experience as a Locum, and after meeting with many of the doctors using Locum’s Nest, Ben created a service that is tailored to the needs of locum doctors.

As a top user you will have access to individual offers and will also be invited to our exclusive events hosted throughout the year. We know that doctors often go above and beyond to cover many extra shifts, and for our users who are racking up the extra hours, we are formulating a Rewards Program to recognise your hard work, and give you back something in return. So watch this space, with more information to come in future newsletters.  

Some of the common support our Concierge team offers includes:

  • Facilitating joining Staff Banks with our Partner Trusts – so that you have greater access to more shifts
  • Helping to resolve any payroll issues – including linking you to the relevant people in payroll,
  • Advice on navigating our software and digital time sheets

Think you qualify as one of our top users or want to know how you can? Interested in our Concierge Service? Please contact us at concierge@locumsnest.co.uk.

Jason Peart